Weddings with "WOW"

Image by Vasily Koloda

Who are we for?

We’re for the lovers, the special moment seekers, the fun ones, the happy dancers, the hip shakers and the drunk aunties and uncles.

We’re here for your special day so let our team get you hitched in your own special way.

Tap into our team

Think of “The Hitching Co.” as your wedding day super power team. Our team consists of a wide variety of wedding industry leaders who combine their powers together to make your wedding day dreams come true.

Our incredible team consists of wedding industry leaders from a variety of backgrounds including styling, venue locations, photographers, celebrants, musicians, catering, make up and the list goes on. You have a dream, our team will make it happen and you won't have to do a thing! 

Image by CoWomen

You have a dream,
our team will make it happen.

Our team believes in never being a part of a boring wedding, 


Let The Hitching Co. take the stress out of your big day and put the

"WOW" into your wedding!